Sapient, InfoReach, Corvil and more…

Sapient Global Markets will connect customers using its Compliance Management and Reporting System to report trades to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation's Swap Data Repository.

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Sapient reporting extended to DTCC’s swap repository

Sapient Global Markets will connect customers using its Compliance Management and Reporting System (CMRS) to report trades to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s Swap Data Repository (SDR).

Sapient’s CMRS lets firms collate data from disparate systems and translate it into a destination message formatter to deliver it directly to regulators and receive confirmation messages from DTCC.

“As regulatory reporting deadlines approach, firms must achieve a single view of their compliance status and a streamlined method of translating data from multiple sources into the format required by regulators,” said Arun Karur, vice president, Sapient Global Markets.

InfoReach releases ‘new approach’ to TCA

Trading technology provider InfoReach has launched a service that integrates pre-trade and historical transaction cost analysis with real-time analytics to predict market impact and opportunity costs for moment-by-moment market conditions.

The Second Opinion service has been designed to integrate with any trade execution system, and it calculates pre-trade analysis then monitors real-time markets and informs traders of any changes to pre-trade assessments.

“Most available pre-trade services do not factor in real-time market adjustment because they do not expect traders to re-upload the residuals of their trades during the course of the trading day. As a result, the pre-trade analysis remains the same regardless of whether traders are done with half of their trades or if they upload their portfolios at noon,” said Allen Zaydlin, CEO, InfoReach.

Corvil team up with Cisco for monitoring functionality

Trading clients of solutions provider Corvil will be able to overlay data monitoring and analytics on a Cisco switching infrastructure as the result of collaboration between the two firms.

Corvil’s Net Enterprise Monitoring Solutions will integrate with the Cisco Nexus 3548 ultra-low latency switch, giving traders greater visibility across their monitoring system.

“This is the next generation of low-latency data monitoring. Timestamping and certain other time-critical functions will be performance by the infrastructure, while correlation, analysis and reporting will be done by monitoring solutions like Corvil’s. This will deliver a broader monitoring footprint at a better cost-point for our mutual customers,” said Donal O’Sullivan, vice president of product management for Corvil. 

TS-Associates launches latest Correlix version

Electronic trading systems provider TS-Associates has released the fifth instalment of trade flow latency monitoring system Correlix.

Correlix 5 offers quicker issue identification and resolution, rules-based calculations of risk and exposure and centralised reporting. It comes after TS-Associates acquired the product in July last year.

“Our product convergence strategy will leverage the best aspects of Correlix, TipOff and Application Tap, delivering business level, technology infrastructure and software event instrumentation in a single integrated product suite,” said Henry Young, CEO, TS-Associates.