SimCorp, FixSpec, AlgoSpan and more…

Trading solutions vendor SimCorp has released the latest version of its Dimension trade processing dashboard, which lets users manage the minutiae of individual contracts in real-time.

SimCorp releases Dimension 4.5

Trading solutions vendor SimCorp has released the latest version of its Dimension trade processing dashboard, which lets users manage the minutiae of individual contracts in real-time.

Dashboard version 5.4 includes functionality to set trading limits as part of its Compliance Manager tool. A new Four Eyes Approval function provides additional control and transparency for external auditors.

There are new templates for executing cash inflow and outflow for its updated Strategy Builder, and the scope of instruments covered in position rolling strategies has widened.

SimCorp CEO, Klaus Holse, commented: “Our substantial and on-going investments in R&D yield two software releases every year. This enables SimCorp clients to constantly operate on a state-of-the-art platform, quickly capitalise on new market trends and comply with increasing regulatory requirements.”

FixSpec’s launches monitoring and connectivity platform

FixSpec has released its platform for building and maintaining trading connections, Central, that contains an alerting algorithm to detect software and behavioural change by trading counterparties which may pose the user a technical or compliance risk.

The alerts are one of many analytics tools that help buy- and sell-side firms monitor their own, and their clients’ activity in real time. As well as letting them advise customers on potential transactions, it enables them to pinpoint inactive network lines and reduce overhead in this direction. Central includes a live forecast of customer implementation dates. It is fully compatible with all versions of the FIX protocol. 

“There is simply nothing else like Central on the market today. It is a radical new approach to address the needs and inefficiencies in building and maintaining trading connections, delivered on a more cost-effective basis than hiring additional staff or undertaking lengthy in-house builds,” said Chris Lees, founder of FixSpec.

AlgoSpan offers low-latency SIX Swiss Exchange connection

AlgoSpan will provide low-latency access to the SIX Swiss Exchange’s sponsored access facility, letting exchange members extend faster access provisions to clients.

The high-velocity connection is made through SIX Exchange’s co-location service, itself provided by Equinix.

Chris Landis, managing director and head of operations at SIX Swiss Exchange, commented: “Third party service providers in combination with the sponsoring participants play a vital role in facilitating sponsored users access to the infrastructure of SIX Swiss Exchange via co-location.

“Their connectivity solutions, applications and hosted systems developed form a critical link between the exchange and our participants,” he added.

Quantifi’s price spread calculator for credit indices

In reaction to IntercontinentalExchange’s (ICE) pioneering of the industry’s first credit index futures contract, financial services vendor Quantifi has created a price-spread calculator to help manage bidding and exposure to these products.

Quantifi’s calculator is designed to convert futures prices into the matching forward spreads for any given settlement date. It is accessible on the ICE website, for use on the credit index futures listed on ICE Futures US.

Peter Barsoom, ICE Clear Credit COO, commented: “By leveraging Quantifi’s experience in financial analytics we are able to provide credit futures participants with a tool that allows them to assess the relative value of the index futures contract against other credit derivatives instruments and to access the information to make informed trading and risk management decisions.”