smartTrade to launch AI offering aimed at enhancing front office trading

The new technology – smart Copilot – combines human decision-making and advanced AI.

smartTrade Technologies has today launched a new offering, ‘smart Copilot’ which aims to enhance front office payments and trading.

This move is in a bid to “revolutionise” how these functions operate through combining human decision-making and advanced AI.

David Vincent, chief executive of smartTrade, said: “smart Copilot represents the next generation of innovation in the payments and trading arena. It’s our answer to the evolving demands of the market, ensuring every interaction is both insightful and personalised.”

smart Copilot leverages the integration of several Large Language Models (LLMs) and technologies including OpenAI ChatGPT to provide an enhanced and tailored sales assistance offering that optimises trading.

smart Copilot is specifically focused on: enhanced automation, client interaction tracking, optimising position management, breaking communication barriers, enabling text conversation (to generate pricing requests and client tickets automatically), and providing ‘actionable’ data-driven insights. 

As part of the AI aspect of the offering, smartTrade has confirmed it will ensure transparency, security and data integrity.

Alex Culiniac, chief technology officer at smartTrade, said: “The smart Copilot, developed in the smartTrade R&D labs, is truly innovative. It not only enhances our ongoing efforts to introduce innovative solutions but also prioritises data intelligence in driving decision-making for front office payments and trading.”