The TRADE announces new certified climate project for 2024

Throughout 2024 The TRADE is supporting certified climate projects focussed on woodland conservation, which will contribute to creating and restoring forests.

The TRADE is pleased to announce a new certified climate project for 2024, supporting woodland conservation as part of our continued commitment to eco-friendly production and sustainable printing.

As well as contributing to the financing of the certified climate project, The TRADE additionally supports tree planting in the UK. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution, one tree is planted, promoting the conversion of structurally poor forests and monocultures into more resilient mixed woodlands that can better adapt to changing climate conditions.

In addition, the climate project combines verified CO2 emission reductions with an additional commitment. European ecosystems are affected heavily by climate change: Tree species such as spruce suffer from drought because their shallow roots do not reach deeper, water-rich layers of soil. Thus, they are weakened and particularly susceptible to pests. Storms also take a heavy toll on these shallow-rooted tree species. Our additional commitment addresses this issue and supports the reforestation and conversion to more resilient mixed forests. The certified climate project is registered with international standards.

This scheme contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Since 2021, The TRADE has been working in partnership with eco-friendly printing specialists, Park Communications, currently considered to be the most environmentally friendly printer in the UK. Together we produce climate neutral print magazines using vegan based inks, FSC® certified paper and carbon neutral packaging produced from sugar cane. In addition, each publication is manufactured using 100% offshore wind electricity sourced from UK wind, while 95% of press chemicals are then recycled for further use and, on average, 99% of any waste associated with the productions will be recycled; and the remaining 1% used to generate energy. Our print partners are ISO 14001 certified, and work to EMAS, the EU ‘gold standard’ for eco-friendly businesses.

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