The TRADE’s sister publication Global Custodian announces launch of T+1 Industry Issues Forum

Initiative aims to help market participants and their service providers overcome preparatory stumbling blocks.

By Editors

The TRADE’s sister publication Global Custodian has partnered with The ValueExchange to launch a new portal for market participants to log their issues regarding preparations for the shift to T+1 in the US and Canada, with concerns and questions to be addressed by a network of industry experts and settlement specialists. 

With preparations under way for settlement compression in US and Canada ahead of the May 2024 deadline, the scale of the challenge for individual firms is now becoming clear. While much industry comment to date has focused on the “big picture”, many of the issues identified will be experienced differently at firm level. 

Visit the T+1 Industry Issues Forum by clicking here. 

“The global industry is now entering a phase where we need detailed and targeted answers on how to prepare for T+1,” said Barnaby Nelson, CEO, the ValueExchange. “In launching our T+1 Industry Issues Forum together with Global Custodian, our aim is to help firms prepare by giving them the clarity they need. We have created a single site where they can raise all their T+1 queries and we will direct them to the experts and resources that have the detailed answers.” 

Through a dedicated link, firms are able to log their questions. These will be directed anonymously to appropriate experts for comment and the answers initially released in a series of regular webinars, the first of which is set for 12 July (details to follow). The link will also be distributed through a number of industry launch partners, including the TMX, CCMA, ISITC and FIX with others to be added in the coming weeks. 

“As a global publication we continue to hear mounting concerns being voiced around the scale of preparation and its far-reaching impacts throughout the world, and this is only going to exacerbate as we move closer to the deadline,” added Jonathan Watkins, CEO, Tungsten Publishing and managing editor, Global Custodian. “This initiative allows us to connect those worries directly with the experts who are doing a great job of trying to educate organisations throughout the world when it comes to preparation for the shift to T+1, and get specific answers to their questions – no matter how niche or high-level. 

“Make no mistake, the challenge is real and daunting, and time is ticking, so we’re eager to do anything we can to help global participants prepare for this monumental shift in market structure for firms around the world.”