Thomson Reuters/Nasdaq OMX Nordic, VSE, ASX/Ullink, and more…

Data vendor Thomson Reuters has made its pan-European trading and data distribution service Elektron available to Nasdaq OMX Nordic, the operator of stock exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.
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Nasdaq OMX Nordic leverages Thomson Reuters Elektron

Data vendor Thomson Reuters has made its pan-European trading and data distribution service Elektron available to Nasdaq OMX Nordic, the operator of stock exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

In addition to gaining connectivity to Nasdaq OMX Nordic data through the Elektron network, members of the exchange group will also have global cross-asset coverage for over 350 exchange and over-the-counter markets via the exchange group's co-location co-location site in Sweden.

Nasdaq OMX Nordic will also leverage a connection to the Elektron network for its new smart order router service, which will provide clients with routing decisions driven by high-performance market data.

“By joining the Elektron community we are able to meet our participants' demand for the highest quality ultra-low latency market data via our new Nordic order routing service,” said Bjørn Sibbern, senior vice president, equities markets at Nadsaq OMX Nordic.

Vienna offers Serbian price data

The Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE) has added the price data of the Belgrade Stock Exchange to its market data network, giving members access to Serbian market data via existing connections.

At the end of January 2011, 1,583 companies were listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange and market capitalisation was €7.67 billion.

The addition of the latest member means that the data network of the VSE now includes CEE Stock Exchange Group data (Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Prague), as well as from stock exchanges in Bucharest, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Macedonia and Belgrade. Additionally, the network includes data from the VSE's CEGH Gas Exchange, Austrian power exchange EXAA and the Prague Energy Exchange.

As a data hub for the CEE Stock Exchange Group, the VSE currently has 250 information providers as customers. Some 39% of potential users come from the UK, 22% from the US and 9% from Germany. The share of Austrian terminals is 6%.

ASX deploys Ullink order routing software

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has introduced trading software provider Ullink's UL Bridge offering for FIX-based market data and order routing

services to market participants.

UL Bridge is a connectivity and routing platform that translates and sends trading messages to exchanges, brokers, buy-side firms, trading applications, order management systems and routing networks.

UL Bridge is designed to enable users to manage client and market connectivity from a single platform, with more than 450 plug and trade destinations and over 45 direct market access points. Clients of Ullink also use UL Bridge for pre-trade risk management, algorithmic trading, smart order routing, monitoring and exception management.

“Our objective is to provide the world's best connectivity solutions to our market participants,” said Andrew Lennox, general manager, markets and technology at the ASX.

TMX introduces high-speed data

Canadian exchange group TMX has introduced a new ultra-low latency network, TMXnet GTA (Greater Toronto Area), on its information services division TMX Datalinx.

The network is currently in production and provides one- to 10-gigabit connections to international and domestic firms with technology infrastructure located in the Toronto core.

TMXnet GTA offers an average return-trip latency in the low 300 microsecond range, with a service level agreement of 400 microseconds. The network offers several paths between the downtown Toronto core and the TMX GTA data centres, removing the potential for bottlenecks caused by single points of failure. The network is intended to reduce latency both in and out of the Toronto market while reducing cost and improving availability.

TMXnet GTA's direct links also provide connections to Canadian and US data feeds as well as TMX Group's co-location facility.

TMX is currently working towards a merger with the London Stock Exchange Group, which was announced on 9 February 2011.

QuantHouse opts for Greenline latency monitoring

Trading technology provider QuantHouse has selected Greenline Financial Technologies' Latency Monitor product for order message monitoring.

QuantHouse provides trading solutions including low-latency market data technologies and infrastructure trading services for systematic trading firms.

“Low-latency measurement technologies are an increasing priority for market participants seeking to optimise their business,” said Josh Tolman, president of Greenline. “Combined with QuantLINK order routing services, Latency Monitor's unique order flow monitoring capabilities offer a more comprehensive view of end-to-end latency performance, allowing network administrators to assess and deliver order messages to trading systems in a timely manner.”

QuantHouse currently offers more than 14 international hosting facilities within or near more than 30 exchanges worldwide.