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The TRADETech Daily 2020

Editor’s note:

20 years of TradeTech

While we may not be in Paris this year, I’d like to welcome you to this virtual TradeTech Europe event, which also happens to mark 20 years of the conference.

Those of you who have attended every TradeTech conference since its inception (yes, there are some of you!), will know that TradeTech has lived through some pretty major events. From market changes such as MiFID I & II, to the 2008 financial crisis and Brexit fallout, to name a few, it’s been quite a couple of decades.

In this special edition of the TRADETech Daily newspaper, we outline some of those events (page 20) and, unsurprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic made the list.

While TradeTech has lived through some pretty dramatic times, this being one of them, it has never failed to lead the discussions for the equities trading landscape. The virtual debates scheduled for this year’s conference promise to deliver that once again, despite the circumstances. On page 26, we outline some of the highlights of TradeTech 2020 that shouldn’t be missed.

Elsewhere, to celebrate the event’s anniversary, we also reached out to some of the industry’s most well-known names and faces to provide us with their thoughts on the past couple of decades. You will find this special edition’s editorial contributions from page 10 onwards.

While we don’t see an end in sight to the disruption that has impacted us all so far this year, The TRADE’s editorial team is looking forward to seeing you all once again, whenever, wherever and however that may be.

Hayley McDowell

Editor, The TRADE

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