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Fidessa LatentZero

Fidessa LatentZeroFidessa LatentZero
Fidessa LatentZero is an international technology firm that specialises in developing complete front-office solutions for the global buy-side community. Our products are used by over 130 buy-side companies, including nine of the world’s largest ten global asset management organisations, through to smaller specialist investment managers and hedge funds.

   OMS/EMS products:
Our product suite, Capstone, can be implemented as a single integrated front office system, or as individual portfolio analysis, order management and investment compliance tools.

With support for equities, listed derivatives, fixed income, OTC derivatives, money markets and foreign exchange, it’s the first truly full-asset solution for the buy-side.

Capstone is comprised of three components, all of which provide comprehensive functionality for Equities, Listed Derivatives, Fixed Income, Money Markets, FX and OTC Derivatives:

  • EMS Workstation
  • Tesseract for portfolio slice and dice, real-time P&L, strategy management, modelling, what-if scenarios and order generation
  • Minerva OEMS for order management, trading (EMS) and post trade processing
  • Sentinel for pre- and post-trade investment compliance

Capstone can be installed as a single system, or any combination of modules may be implemented. In addition:

  • An optional OTC Derivatives overlay module provides end to end investment workflows and pricing for OTC credit, interest rate, inflation, equity and currency derivatives across all areas of the Capstone suite.
  • A standalone, hosted EMS Workstation can be deployed. This is delivered as a broker neutral ASP solution, and provides market data, connectivity and trading for global equities and listed derivatives, and can receive orders from and send executions to any third party OMS via FIX.

Our front office solutions are supported by connectivity to the DMA, Algorithmic, Program and Care order execution destinations of 300+ brokers worldwide, via the proven Fidessa network, as well as numerous ECNs, crossing networks and ATSs, providing you with all the global execution destinations you require in your continual search for liquidity.

We know your technology needs are always changing.

Whatever your front office and connectivity requirements are, you can be sure Fidessa LatentZero has your business needs in mind, now and tomorrow.

   Contact details:

London Contact – Melanie Smith

+44 (0) 20 7462 4200

Boston Contact – Cindy Arcari

+1 617 235 1000


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