TS Imagine and Kayenta partner to offer hedge fund clients treasury management services

Partnership will allow treasury management teams to automate key data and reporting processes to optimise operational efficiencies.

TS Imagine has entered a strategic partnership with hedge fund treasury management system provider, Kayenta, enabling hedge fund clients to control their financing relationships across their portfolios through TS Imagine’s multi-asset trading and risk management solution, TS One.

Kayenta’s technology offers participants enhanced transparency to ensure treasury management teams are able to manage their financing costs and relationships, particularly during periods of high interest rates.

Kayenta extracts market, position and prime broker data and coverts that into actionable insights for data-driven decision making.

Clients of TS One are now able to access Kayenta’s analytics for an overview of cash and collateral management, liquidity, and cost control services across global, multi-asset, and multi-prime portfolios.

By using Kayenta’s technology, treasury management teams will be able to automate key data and reporting processes to optimise operational efficiencies.

“Buy-side cost pressures are predicted to persist, hedge funds therefore need to be able to do more with less. Partnering with Kayenta allows us to offer sophisticated hedge fund clients everything they need in one place – from trading across asset classes, to risk management and now treasury management,” Chris Hollands, head of sales for North America and Europe at TS Imagine, told The TRADE.

“Deepening our front-to-back offering enables entire investment teams – from traders, to portfolio managers and treasury management teams – to work as a single cohesive unit. Increasing the functionality of TS One empowers hedge funds and enables them to operate a leaner, more efficient model – allowing them to focus on alpha generation.”

Last month, TS Imagine entered a strategic partnership with Cassini Systems, allowing TS Imagine’s users to benefit from Cassini Systems’ intelligent analytics across over the counter (OTC) and exchange traded derivatives (ETD) products.

The move also gave participants the ability to access Cassini’s prime brokerage services via TS Imagine. 

“For firms operating leveraged portfolios, a high interest rate environment means higher trading costs which can eat into revenues. Treasury management functions are therefore crucial in helping hedge funds to manage their costs and optimise operational efficiency through a challenging trading environment,” Chris Hagstrom, chief executive of Kayenta, told The TRADE.

“We help firms to maintain an effective and efficient operating model by giving treasury management teams financing cost analysis tools to manage their exposures at a granular level […] Partnering with TS Imagine exposes our offering to a new audience – giving trading teams using TS One access to highly sophisticated treasury management capabilities to shine a light on historically opaque financing costs.”