A closer look at how industry expert Tony Huck’s new venture is set to facilitate more seamless trading operations

TRADE CYCLE will focus on streamlining areas including: data and trading analytics, execution, connectivity and clearing, among others, The TRADE understands.

Electronic trading expert Tony Huck launched TRADE CYCLE last week in a bid to enhance the trading operations of institutional clients within the US equities, options, and futures markets through promoting more mutually beneficial communications.

The objective of the business is specifically to act as a bridge-building tool by facilitating communications between institutional clients and their trusted partners, allowing them to more easily navigate the ever-evolving financial markets. 

Huck told The TRADE that the specific areas the business is set to focus on are: data and trading analytics, execution, connectivity, onboarding as a service, and clearing, as well as compliance, and market structure research as more ancillary offerings.

In terms of how the business is set to work empirically, Huck – who was previously named one of The TRADE’s ‘rising stars’ back in 2016 – told The TRADE that he plans to leverage his three decades of industry experience in the fintech space to build-out the offering and ensure the success of the communications between market participants. 

Huck has previously worked for companies including: Score Priority, Lime Brokerage, Royal Bank of Scotland and Citadel Securities and last year was named new head of the Americas by market data provider big xyt.

In the build-up to the TRADE CYCLE launch, around 200 calls were conducted with market participants, The TRADE understands, with Huck’s network and reputation in the market being key in gaining traction in relevant sectors and carving out a space in the market.

“People don’t necessarily have the time to go out there and research the entire market so what I’ve done is partnered with a bunch of firms that I think are very good across the board […] Across the entire trading cycle, from stem to stern is where my focus is for TRADE CYCLE.

“In a way this is a kind of outsourcing, having already done the research into different products and services that one might need – whether it’s plugging holes with something specific, or finding something new,” Huck explained.

The launch comes amid a recent surge in updates to technological, data and operational offerings across various sectors and asset classes. Providers are demonstrably answering the market’s call for better and more accessible services.

Speaking to the initial priorities for the business, Huck told The TRADE that continuing to add partners in order to build out the full scope of offerings was the primary goal, focusing on connecting the background of those experts as dictated by the client base. 

“We’re looking at people who can enhance the process and have that specific knowledge in a particular area,” said Huck, adding that exclusivity was a key aspect of the draw.

The offering is aimed at “revolutionising the traditional business development model trade cycle” through connecting these players and leveraging the diverse strengths held by the different actors across the entire expanse of the trading cycle.

Speaking in an announcement last week, Joe Saluzzi, partner and co-founder of Themis Trading, asserted: “At Themis, we are always looking at ways to grow the Themis brand […] With Tony’s extensive network, forged through decades of dedication, TRADE CYCLE is poised to be an additive to the traditional business development model.”