Algert Global opts for OneMarketData’s TCA best execution platform

Algert Global opted for OneMarketData’s OneTick Best Ex platform based on features, flexibility and cost.

Proprietary trading firm Algert Global has partnered with OneMarketData as an early adopter of its OneTick transaction cost analysis (TCA) platform to meet best execution requirements.

The San Francisco-based investment manager will use OneTick Best Ex for post-trade analysis to monitor, understand and reduce market impact associated with active portfolio management.

It will enhance Algert Global’s proprietary system serving as a third party best execution validator, OneMarketData said.

Senior vice president of regulatory solutions at OneMarketData, Dermot Harriss, explained Algert Global’s requirements went far beyond just a ‘tick the box’ scenario.

“[Algert Global’s] management team’s market savvy and attention to detail inspired us to enhance our service,” he added.

Partner and portfolio manager, Jorge Murillo, at Algert Global said the company believes OneTick Best Ex “will help us get the most return from our investment ideas by quantifying performance drags such as information leakage and trading impact.”