Amundi execution business onboards FlexTRADER EMS to consolidate trading across asset classes

The move is designed to deliver Amundi’s 60 dealers globally a common set of tools and processes to handle cross-asset trading and execution.

Amundi Asset Management’s execution subsidiary, Amundi Intermédiation, has onboarded the multi-asset FlexTRADER execution management system to consolidate its trading across asset classes.

The system will replace existing multi-asset processes and will be used to deliver a common set of tools and processes to Amundi’s 60 dealer clients globally for cross asset trading.

“Moving from a single asset-class specific EMS to a centralised, scalable multi-asset solution is a topic dominating our discussions with clients, prospects and consultant firms,” FlexTrade System’s managing director for EMEA, Andy Mahoney, told The TRADE.

“The desire to automate and electronify fixed income trading is certainly a key component of the trend, but also bringing additional asset classes such as derivatives or FX onto the EMS shows that firms are thinking further ahead now to deliver a streamlined and technology-driven agile approach to cross-asset trading.”

Following the integration, Amundi Intermédiation’s dealing teams will gain access to various automation tools to streamline workflows, including FlexAlgowheel across asset classes.

The move will also boost Amundi Intermédiation’s capabilities in fixed income to further its efforts to automate and electronify its bond execution operations. Once integrated, dealing teams will also gain access to FlexTrade’s Fixed Income Smart Order Router (FISOR) to expand automation using consolidated pre-trade data.

The deal follows the expansion of the FlexTRADER EMS by FlexTrade in recent months. In May, FlexTrade Systems confirmed plans to launch artificial intelligence-driven (AI) functionality within its multi-asset solution.

At the time of the announcement, FlexTrade said the new interface layer is designed to revolutionise how trading teams interact with their data and trading technology solutions.