Aquis collaborates with BMLL to provide members with market structure insights

Collaboration will allow Aquis to offer its members with third-party verification of passive liquidity’s availability on Aquis compared to other European exchanges.

BMLL will collaborate with Pan-European equity trading exchanges operator Acquis Exchange to provide insights into market structure dynamics, including venue quality and liquidity analytics, to its members.

Through the collaboration and use of BMLL’s Level 3 Data and analytics, Aquis will be able to monitor and evidence liquidity dynamics, and offer its members third-party, independent verification of passive liquidity’s availability on its own venues compared to other European exchange.

This insight will allow Aquis members to access trading opportunities and increase fill probabilities at an improved rate and with reduced market impact.

“By using BMLL Level 3 Data and advanced analytics we are now able to engage with our members to compare their trading dynamics on our exchange versus their peer group and to demonstrate that Aquis offers superior trading outcomes for both passive and aggressive strategies,” said David Stevens, chief revenue officer of Aquis.

BMLL’s collaboration with Aquis follows FlexTrade integrating with BMLL last year to provide asset managers with pricing data. Through the integration, the BMLL Data Feed became available to asset managers through the FlexTRADER EMS.

“We have been collaborating with Aquis Exchange for the last six months and we are delighted to help them showcase the unique strengths of their market model to their members,” said Paul Humphrey, chief executive of BMLL.

“Aquis is now able to demonstrate better and deeper liquidity, as well as monitor the performance of the market, improve access to best price and ultimately reduce market impact. We look forward to deepening our collaboration over the coming months.”