big xyt partners with Cambridge University to launch Global Exchanges Directory

The Global Exchanges Directory will centralise key information on major exchanges into a single portal for easy reference.

Smart data and analytics specialist big xyt is aiming to address the issue of growing market complexity with the launch of a new interactive web portal, providing key information on 97 worldwide stock exchanges and alternative trading venues across seven regional categories.

The Global Exchanges Directory is designed to help traders and other market participants better understand local market structures, helping them to visually navigate the complexities of different timezones, trading calendars and market timings through an interactive world atlas.

Created in collaboration with students from Cambridge University, the project complements big xyt’s flagship product, the Liquidity Cockpit, which provides trading firms, brokers and exchanges with security metrics for all listed products for equities, ETFs, futures and options, across all major trading venues globally.

“With so many trading venues around the world, it’s difficult to keep track of the constantly evolving market structure,” said Richard Hills, head of client engagement at big xyt, who spearheaded the project. “This is particularly true when you are trading baskets outside of your domestic region. At big xyt we realised that this information resides in our databases and that we could make it available as a free resource to the financial community to complement our analytics services. By gathering the data into a single, easy to navigate website, we can save people from trawling through the internet to find the information they need.”

Typical information on the Directory includes highlights of the primary and alternative trading venues by country, together with their ISO MIC codes, venue type, trading currency, time zone, daylight savings period, exchange trading hours, and calendars of holidays. This data is essential for trading firms and any process relying on tick data analytics, is easy to navigate and locate quickly, and is grouped by region and country.

Future planned developments to the Global Exchanges Directory include the addition of market statistics such as average daily volumes, delivered to the directory through a direct feed from big xyt, a blog to provide more details on the workings of different venues and to provide more value-added market microstructure insight, a news section designed to capture major exchange and trading venue announcements, the ability to download important holidays to add to calendars, and the addition of more trading venues.