BlackRock targets multi-asset trading Aladdin expansion with FlexTrade integration

Through the expanded partnership, mutual clients can use the OEMS capabilities on the Aladdin platform from BlackRock alongside FlexTrade’s EMS capabilities.

BlackRock has confirmed plans to bring more multi-asset trading capabilities to its flagship Aladdin platform through an expanded partnership with trading systems provider FlexTrade.

FlexTrade’s multi-asset execution management system (EMS) will be integrated with Aladdin to bolster its existing order and execution management capabilities.

The combined platform will provide a cross-asset system for the entire trading lifecycle to mutual clients, with simple client access, integrated workflows, shared data sources, and increased end-to-end automation. 

“Aladdin is accelerating its investment in its multi-asset trading capabilities through a robust product roadmap and alongside partners like FlexTrade who we have worked with for many years,” said Sudhir Nair, head of the Aladdin business at BlackRock. “Our strategy is about ensuring clients have maximum flexibility and choice, while enjoying the full benefits of a true end to end platform.”

“FlexTrade is a seasoned and experienced EMS partner of BlackRock. FlexTrade’s integration with Aladdin augments the Aladdin experience and represents both Aladdin and FlexTrade’s ongoing commitment to client-centric innovation.”

BlackRock has been developing and expanding ESG-focussed content on its Aladdin platform recently. In January, the asset manager took a minority stake in a data science and sustainable investing analytics firm to integrate its capabilities with Aladdin.

It also launched Aladdin Climate, a software application that allows investors to quantify climate risk within portfolios on the platform. 

“The FlexTrade-Aladdin partnership is a powerful combination – both firms bring a deep understanding of complex, real-time OEMS-EMS interactions across asset classes; a curious, engineering-driven culture; an agile, collaborative approach with clients and a strong global presence,” said Vijay Kedia, chief executive officer of FlexTrade.