CJC launches big data platform for monitoring software performance

Big data platform allows firms to monitor software performance.

Crown Jewel Consultants (CJC) has launched MosaicOA, a big data visualisation platform to help firms monitor the performance of their real-time market data systems.

The tool is the first release from CJC’s Mosaic Suite, which has been in development for the past two years.

Users provide a real-time stream of their infrastructure data which is logged for long-term analysis and supported by CJC’s team, to ensure the stream suffers no interruptions.

Peter Williams, senior technical director at CJC, explained as well as collecting health and performance metrics, “our environment receives over 256,000 separate infrastructure measurements.”

He added that for users to gain an accurate view of their software performance “the sample frequency needs to be high, therefore the system generates massive quantities of data every day which we store and visualise for our clients.” 

An anonymous client of CJC’s MosaicOA explained it has not needed to update or modify its existing infrastructure to implement the tool.

“MosaicOA will assist us in providing a unique insight into how our systems are performing, along with making far more qualified decisions on future technology investments,” the client added.