Deutsche Börse, Corvil, Tauri and more…

From mid-September, Deutsche Borse will operate the network of CEE Stock Exchange Group and provide a connectivity solution to the CEESEG FIX Gateway.

Deutsche Börse supplies CEESEG technology 

From mid-September, Deutsche Börse will operate the network of CEE Stock Exchange Group (CEESEG) and provide a connectivity solution to the CEESEG FIX Gateway.

Xetra and Eurex participants will be able to connect to the CEESEG FIX Gateway via Deutsche Börse’s existing global trading network, and the existing connection between Frankfurt and Vienna will let CEESEG FIX Gateway connect with global financial centres.

The CEESEG FIX Gateway supports electronic trading on the Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Prague exchanges, and Deutsche Börse ExServes will give clients access to Deutsche Börse partner stock exchanges.

Corvil launch risk-management solution 

Corvil will offer a new risk-management solution to run alongside existing measures to offer a second layer of protection.

The CorvilNet Solution will act as an independent, parallel monitoring system that reacts to limit breaches and a variety of metrics to strengthen safeguards already in place for trading organisations.

The initiative offers no loss of speed in reacting to limit breaches and was created to combat technology-related errors in trading infrastructure.

“Trade technology and operational risk must be managed to avoid financial and reputational damage. Corvil now offers comprehensive trade monitoring business-level visibility tools and a consulting service to work hand-in-hand with each customer,” said Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil.

Rapid team up with Tauri to offer South Africa FIX connectivity 

An alternative trading network for routing trading information in South Africa and internationally using the FIX protocol was launched by Rapid Addition and Tauri Software Systems.

Using the Orb FIX Messaging Network, the system, named CheetahFIX, will lower trading costs and offer international connectivity through London and over the internet through a virtual private network.

The messaging platform will build upon the use of FIX throughout South Africa to improve connectivity in the market.

“The Johannesburg Stock Exchange has been reducing its trading charges in response to global economic conditions and CheetahFIX intends to further reduce the costs of trading in South Africa,” said Neels Britz, COO, Tauri Software Systems.

CBOE to offer non-stop VIX trading 

CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) will offer around-the-clock trading for CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) futures between Monday and Friday, starting sometime next year.

The change in trading times will benefit traders who want to establish or offset VIX Index futures positions with few time limitations, a jump from the current eight-hour daily trading period.

CFE will also open a London hub next year with a local data centre to improve data transmission speeds and lower costs for European traders to execute trades on exchange.

“Our customers have access to the most comprehensive array of volatility products in the world, and we continually work to create new, more flexible ways for them to trade these products. Around-the-clock hours for VIC Index Futures and CFE London hub offer the ultimate in flexibility,” William Brodsky, chairman and CEO, CBOE.

Traiana upgrade risk management platform 

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and New York Stock Exchange’s Liffe venue are the first to connect to upgraded risk management technology platform Harmony CreditLink, hosted by Traiana.

The new features include real-time limit monitoring and a kill switch for exchange-traded derivatives, which will help futures commission merchants monitor and enforce trading limits globally and in real-time, with trading able to be halted at low latency if limits are breached.

Demand for the system comes off the back of increased high-frequency and algorithmic trading of exchange-traded derivatives, which Traiana said has led to the need for greater controls and real time risk management for clearing brokers, high frequency trading firms, direct market access providers and regulators. 

“Following the successful introduction of a kill switch in the FX market it was a natural next step to extend it to the exchange traded derivatives market, specifically for direct market access and sponsored accessing trading,” Andrew Coyne, CEO, Traiana.

FFastFill announces Hong Kong base 

Derivatives software provider FFastFill will open a local base in Hong Kong to support existing customers and expand with increased opportunities in China.

Hong Kong will be the company’s third location in the Asia-Pacific region after Singapore and Sydney. FFastFill already offer trading, clearing and settlement to exchanges across the region, including China’s four largest.

FFastFill recently expanded their offering in Japan with the addition of four Japanese exchanges to their global network, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.

“FFastFill continues to make advances in Asia and the opening of FFastFill Hong Kong is further evidence that we continue to make progress in this region,” said Hamish Purdey, CEO, FFastFill.