Ediphy launches new artificial intelligence tool for assessing liquidity in bonds

Liquidity Checker tool analyses bonds liquidity using AI-powered automated technology, giving users real time notifications.

Ediphy has launched a new artificial intelligence tool for assessing bonds liquidity, aimed at addressing challenges posed by fragmentation in the fixed income markets.

Named Liquidity Checker, the tool allows users to input their own bond interests in a personalised watchlist and then gives them real time notifications of shifting liquidity.

The system scans the market and then notifies users of the optimal time to trade their chosen instruments. If their chosen bonds are lacking liquidity, the tool then allows users to broaden their search to alternative options.

It also has a “smart search” function that will make its own suggestion to similar bonds for the user’s chosen portfolio based on reference and market data.

“With our Liquidity Checker, Ediphy is enabling the next-generation of fixed income execution by providing traders and PMs with the tools they need to improve execution success,” said Chris Murphy, Ediphy CEO.

“By leveraging our graph technology, robust data analytics and deep market experience, market participants rely on Ediphy to notify them when market conditions are optimal thereby allowing them to streamline their trading process. This not only saves time and effort but also maximises execution success while mitigating the risks of being stuck on an illiquid trade.”

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It’s the second bonds liquidity-focused initiative from Ediphy in less than a year after it also launched Ediphy Credit in October 2022. The new offering claims to combine data and analytics with venue connectivity and order routing capability to improve traders’ ability to access liquidity in the credit markets and reduce time spent on manual tasks in the price discovery process.