Eurex, TMX Atrium, Perseus and more…

Deutsche Börse’s technology arm, Market Data + Services, has launched a cloud-based simulation of its new Eurex T7 architecture.

Eurex launches simulation to help members onboard

Deutsche Börse’s technology arm, Market Data + Services, has launched a cloud-based simulation of its new Eurex T7 architecture.

The simulation is intended to both test the T7 system and help Eurex members prepare for the changes.

Eurex members will also be able to use the private simulation environment, which is available 24/7, to test new algorithms and recreate trading scenarios without the risk of their strategies being exposed to other participants.

Sean Chinnock, director of Market Data + Services, said: “Deutsche Börse’s T7 trading architecture aims to not only reduce latency and enhance throughput but also to transform the way users interact with our technology.

“Our innovative, cloud-based offering allows participants to access the Eurex T7 simulation environment from where and when they like. In addition, our VPS solution reduces significantly the on-boarding effort and time-to-market for exchange participants”.

TMX Atrium links to Moscow data center

Financial infrastructure provider TMX Atrium has established connectivity with the Kislovsky 13 data center in Moscow.

The firm has made significant steps to boost its presence in Moscow, launching a Stockholm-Moscow connectivity path in 2012 and a Frankfurt-Moscow path in January 2013.

Adding the Kislovsky 13 data center will enable TMX Arium to offer a complete solution for clients wanting to access and trade in Russian markets. It has also worked closely with Russian brokers and the Moscow Exchange to introduce new participants to the market.

Emmanuel Carjat, managing director of TMX Atrium, said: “Building out connectivity to K13, underlines our high-speed, low latency fully resilient offering and allows clients to access the Russian markets.  We are committed to continuing to provide financial services participants with a competitive advantage, when trading the global capital markets.”

Perseus launches real-time market monitoring package 

Perseus Telecom and performance management technology provider ITRS Group have launched a real-time monitoring application for trading and exchange connectivity.

The system, called PrecisionView will give a high level of transparent reporting, enabling user to track market data and order execution messages from market to market.

Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom, said: “The innovation and roll-out of PrecisionView, developed with ITRS software, allows customers to have complete trust in services we provide.

“This service enhancement can potentially change the way firms configure their strategies between markets while decreasing risk and enhancing the accuracy of trade execution.”

TT to connect to Nasdaq OMX Nordic derivatives market

Trading Technologies International (TT) will connect to Nasdaq OMX’s Nordic financial derivatives market in Stockholm this year.

The new link to NASDAQ OMX will give TT clients the ability to trade strategies, and enter and manage trades using TT's suite of products.

TT is also planning to connect to NASDAQ OMX NLX, resulting in both markets being available through a single gateway.

Customers will also have the ability to use the Autospreader tool to spread NASDAQ OMX instruments against contracts listed on other TT-supported exchanges worldwide.

"This partnership acts to further strengthen our position in the European derivatives space by opening up access to a large pool of TT clients that can now gain easy connection to trading in Nordic derivatives," Lauri Rosendahl, senior vice president and Nordic head of equities at Nasdaq OMX, said.
TT CEO Harris Brumfield said: "We're looking forward to introducing support for NASDAQ OMX's derivatives offering in the Nordics. There has been significant client interest in this connection, so we expect many of our users to readily integrate Nordic products into their trading strategies."

Edgbaston goes live with INDATA iPM

Edgbaston Investment Partners is using software and services provider INDATA’s Intelligent Portfolio Management platform to work in real-time across the firm.

Matthew Myles, COO of Edgbaston, a boutique investment manager focused on the Asia Pacific, said the firm needed a complete audit capability for its investment process for compliance and regulatory purposes. “iPM provides these capabilities whilst also providing tools to automate the major aspects of our investment workflow such as dealing and back office accounting,” he said.

iPM also provides ongoing client servicing tools related to the management of a portfolio. 

Buy-side needs to expect the unexpected, says GoldenSource

GoldenSource has released a white paper discussing how good data management improves firms’ risk analysis practices for the buy-side.

The enterprise data management provider said it was important to “expect the unexpected” by using data, and have a solid vision for initiatives both for external and internal data.

“Easy access to accurate risk data cannot be ignored, because we live in a volatile world. ‘100-year floods’ are supposed to happen no more often than once every 100 years, but now they’re occurring with alarming frequency,” GoldenSource said. “In the financial markets, the same goes for formerly ‘unthinkable’ events such as major institution and sovereign crises.”

GoldenSource said there was also a need to identify strategic benefits from regulatory projects such as operating more efficiently and getting know customers better.

“Regulation is often viewed as something to do ‘because we have to.’ But data aggregation, standardisation, quality management and transparency required by many regulatory initiatives can also be used for competitive gain.”