Euronext Dublin completes migration to prop trading platform Optiq

Following a delay in November, Euronext Dublin has now migrated to the proprietary cash markets trading platform Optiq.

Euronext Dublin has completed a technology migration to Euronext’s new proprietary trading platform, Optiq, following a delay to the project in November.

The move means that Euronext Dublin and the 53 companies currently listed on the exchange are operating on the new trading platform which launched in June 2018. Euronext Dublin has joined the single pan-European order book, providing investors with access to trading across all assets on Euronext’s exchanges.

“As the only pan-European exchange operator and liquidity pool, Euronext now provides listed companies and trading members in Ireland with leading- edge technology, a seamless way to interact and break down barriers to capital and growth, for the benefit of financing the real economy,” Stéphane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext, commented.

“This is a key milestone in the integration roadmap of Euronext Dublin as they will now be able to leverage the full power of Euronext’s proprietary trading platform, Optiq, and the unique features that come with it.”

Euronext’s Optiq cash markets trading platform for equities, structured products, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and fixed income was developed in-house by the exchange’s team and its clients. The migration of Euronext Dublin to Optiq was pushed back  to February this year, after Euronext informed clients that two dress rehearsals would take place in December and various testing needed to take place before the migration could be completed.

Euronext completed its €137 million acquisition of the Irish Stock Exchange in March last year, and subsequently rebranded the business to Euronext Dublin. The exchange group is currently trying to acquire Norwegian stock exchange Oslo Bors, but as it stands, has been outbid by Nasdaq. Euronext said earlier this week that it is reviewing its offer for Oslo Bors and may increase its bid.