Euronext’s Irish exchange chief resigns

Deirdre Somers has resigned as CEO of Euronext Dublin and will be replaced by the Irish Stock Exchange’s regulatory chief, Daryl Byrne.

The chief executive of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) has resigned from her position just months after the exchange operator was acquired by Euronext.

Deirdre Somers was appointed CEO of the rebranded exchange, Euronext Dublin, following the completion of the takeover in March, but Euronext has confirmed that she will depart over the summer.

The ISE’s Daryl Byrne has been named as Somers’ successor after being nominated by the supervisory board of Euronext. Byrne joined the ISE in 2000 and has held various senior roles with the exchange, including chief regulatory officer, leading a team of 30 to oversee regulation and operations.

Byrne will also take on the role as head of debt & funds listings and ETFs at Euronext, and will join the managing board of the exchange group.

“I would like to thank Deirdre Somers for her significant contribution to the development of the Irish Stock Exchange and for her loyal commitment to the seamless integration of Euronext Dublin into the Euronext Group,” said Euronext’s group chief executive, Stéphane Boujnah.

“We are pleased to welcome Daryl Byrne in his position as country CEO, head of debt & funds listings and ETFs, and at the managing board of the group. Under his leadership, we shall continue focusing on delivering the best services to our clients in Dublin and across our geographies.”

Euronext announced its intentions to acquire the ISE in November last year in a €137 million deal to expand its European footprint and prepare for the UK’s exit from the European Union.  

Speaking to The TRADE earlier this year, Boujnah explained that Euronext remains committed to London and plans to ensure banks, and the wider community, will continue to have access to the Euronext platform.

“We believe London will remain an important financial centre, albeit structured differently in the way it is today, but we will continue to grow our operations in London,” he said.

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