Webinar: Why change market structures?

Investment behaviours and regulation are continuing to evolve. As a result, exchanges must review and adapt their market models to best support market participants and their regulatory compliance efforts.

This webcast looks ahead to the near future, as industry experts discuss new solutions in market structure and the key implications for all users:

  • How do models evolve that differentiate latency in markets? What value does the last nanosecond have in the current market model? What are the disadvantages for the buy-side in the current speed game?
  • Has MiFID II moved business to electronic trading? What has been the impact on transparency? What are the consequences for the daily business?
  • Has a switch to pro rata matching made larger size tradable for the buy-side?
  • What role does the internalisation of customer flow play in the European derivatives market?
  • How do different market structures in the U.S. and in Europe affect investment decisions?


John Brazier, editor, The TRADE


Eric Boess, global head of trading, Allianz Global Investors

Randolf Roth, member of the executive board, Eurex Frankfurt AG

Why change market structures?

Why change market structures?