Join Refinitiv and The TRADE for episode two of this webinar video series on FX Trading on 15 July. The global FX OTC market is highly fragmented across primary & secondary market ECNs, across developed & emerging market venues, as well as the myriad of relationship (D2C) multi & single dealer trading platforms. This creates unique liquidity pools in some specific currencies and provides opportunities for firms to optimise access via different mechanisms. 

Foreign exchange professionals employed in a variety of institutions globally – ranging from banks, alternative market makers, asset managers, hedge funds, to corporates will all engage this liquidity differently depending on their execution outcome objectives. 


  • Challenges of accessing liquidity in a fragmented market.
  • The question of credit and connectivity.
  • Latest Refinitiv enhancements to optimise liquidity access.


Episode two 
15 July, 10am New York, 3pm London