Date: Thursday, 1 December 2022
Andaz London Liverpool Street

The world of digital assets is nothing if not turbulent, and institutional investors have been cautious in getting too involved too quickly in a market unregulated, highly volatile, and dominated by retail influence. However, with the rapid growth of the crypto markets it is also an area where increasingly players are realising they must prepare for the future – and more and more we are seeing people dip in a toe, even if they aren’t ready to fully take the plunge.

But is all this just lip service? Can institutional traders, investors and providers realistically get involved or is the risk still just too high? And if they don’t, how long can they leave it before it’s too late? We are seeing prime brokerages set up, banks launch crypto platforms, and an exodus of talent from the conventional to the crypto space – but every time the market sees a correction, all of this screeches to a halt.

Are digital assets just too volatile and – if so – what will it take to precipitate real institutional involvement?

Please note: This is a closed door event that will be distributed in video form for consumption over the following weeks.