Investment research forms a key part of the information make-up of any alpha generating investment process. Understanding which research providers and analysts your investment team interacts with the most, spends the most on, and provides the most valuable research – enables firms to unlock hidden investment and operational performance.

In Europe, MiFID II has made this even more apparent, and although challenging, has been a much-needed catalyst for change. In this webinar, we look at the measurable impact on the buy-side, using practical case studies.

What we’ll cover

  • The focus for 2020 – fine tune the research process or overhaul?
  • The day in a life of a research manager 
    – 6 key challenges 
    Trial administration, Inducement, data collection, broker vote administration, budget/consumption, reporting
    • The current state of the front office research experience
    • Technology and the role of automation
      – Case study: Broker Vote
      • What are the metrics of success for a:
        – Research manager
        – Portfolio manager 
        • Summary and Q&A

        This webinar is for buy-side compliance, research managers and front office professionals.

        Alistair Downes,
        VP, Product, Red Deer

        Joel Burnette,
        Director, Solutions Consulting, Red Deer

        Hayley McDowell,
        The TRADE