FinTech ChartIQ rebrands as Cosaic

ChartIQ will bring its desktop platform and charting software under one brand as the FinTech firm becomes Cosaic.   

US data software provider ChartIQ has confirmed it has rebranded as Cosaic, as it looks to merge its charting software and smart desktop platform under one brand.

The FinTech firm’s flagship desktop platform, Finsemble, and charting software, ChartIQ, will be housed under the Cosaic umbrella and include technologies that promote application interoperability for more effective workflows.  

“As a multi-product company, and as the excitement about smart desktop technology and desktop interop continues to grow, we realise we have become much more than a charting company. We felt a rebrand is in order to reflect our commitment to inventing new and efficient ways to work,” Dan Schleifer, CEO and co-founder of ChartIQ, said.

Former Bloomberg product manager and veteran, Eugene Sorenson, has been appointed chief product officer of Cosaic, having joined the firm in January 2019 as vice president of product management. As chief product officer, Sorenson will help drive business growth and product innovation at Cosaic.

“In the future, we’ll see much more collaboration occurring in FinTech, with more open-source projects and the adoption of FDC3 standards,” Sorenson said. “We’ll see application providers focused on interoperability as the defacto standard because we can no longer work in disparate workspaces.

“Cosaic brings together best-in-breed applications allowing clients to build smart desktop solutions for their end users. We help our clients focus on their core competencies, not re-engineering and integrating their applications. Cosaic is here to lead the charge.”