FIX publishes high performance standards

High-performance standard can encode and decode messages in tens of nanoseconds.

FIX Trading Community has published standards for high performance demands for trading and data feeds.

The launch of Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) version 1.0 as a draft standard will mean firms can now produce standardised applications for high speed trading and data demands. FIX said the standard can work independently or in conjunction with other FIX standards.

SBE has been optimised for low latency messaging and can encode and decode messages within tens of nanoseconds. FIX said SBE is already being used by a number of different market participants.

Don Mendelson, chair of the FIX SBE subgroup, said: “FIX Simple Binary Encoding version 1.0 Draft Standard is the culmination of four years of collaboration by working group participants. Thanks to their hard work, SBE has already been successfully used by CME Group, Moscow Exchange, Thomson Reuters and others.”

FIX is currently looking for companies to volunteer to help demonstrate the interoperability of SBE.