FlexTrade EMS and Tradefeedr integration to improve FX execution quality

One buy-side firm is already live with the integrated solution which reduces significant operational burdens in producing aggregated, normalised FX data.

FlexTrade has integrated Tradefeedr’s unified data analytics into its FlexTRADER EMS to improve the speed and quality of FX trading decision making.

A European buy-side firm, is the first FlexTrade customer to go live with the integrated solution, which provides access to real-time, analysis-ready FX data.

Tradefeedr delivers a common, independent FX trading database allowing market participants across the sell-side, buy-side, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers, and central banks to connect, analyse their trading data, and collaborate.

“A significant operational burden buy-side trading teams face is producing accurate, normalised FX data on which to base trading decisions,” said Andy Mahoney, managing director, EMEA at FlexTrade. “By integrating Tradefeedr directly into our EMS order blotter, analysis-ready data and analytics are available at their fingertips, delivering actionable intelligence when FX traders need it the most.”

Using Tradefeedr, buy-side FX trading teams can leverage this data via a library of pre-existing analytics templates covering everything from transaction cost analysis, custom best execution policies and liquidity management, or use business-user friendly tools to build their reports and analytics without recourse to IT.

FlexTrade’s new API integration to Tradefeedr delivers FX data and pre-built, customisable analytics directly into the FlexTRADER EMS Order Blotter, so users can process vast volumes of real-time, actionable FX trading and market data within existing workflows.

FlexTrade says the solution enables clients to review their trading markouts, impacts, and spreads directly with liquidity providers within FlexTRADER EMS, improving accuracy and speed of FX trading-decision making and overall execution quality.The solution can also support automated trading decisions, by dynamically evaluating and acting based on algo performance.

Tradefeedr’s data and analytics solution is immediately available within FlexTRADER EMS as an add-on for existing FlexTrade clients.

Balraj Bassi, co-founder at Tradefeedr, stated that its FX trading and analytics platform removes the siloes traditionally associated with the buy- and sell-side, engendering better relationships and decision making. The need to aggregate disparate data sources associated with FX market and trading data, is also removed, said Bassi.