FXCM Pro partners with Tools for Brokers to bridge liquidity

Partnership will give FXCM Pro clients more choice when selecting a bridging provider, alongside faster execution, automation and improved market access.

FXCM’s institutional arm FXCM Pro has entered a liquidity bridging partnership with Tools for Brokers (TFB), an international provider of technology for retail brokers, prop trading companies and hedge funds.

As part of the partnership, FXCM Pro will stream its institutional liquidity directly to TFB clients, providing the ability to connect their pricing and trading to their MT4 and MT5 platforms using TFB’s FIX API server.

FXCM Pro’s clients will also have an additional option when selecting a technology or bridge provider.

“By selecting TFB, [our clients] will benefit from fast execution, automation and improved market access,” said Mario Sanchez, managing director and global head of FXCM Pro sales.

TFB’s Trade Processor bridge works with the MT4 and MT%, cTrader, Match-Trade and various other platforms, while also supporting third-party integration via external FIX API.

Brokers are also provided with data analysis and improved risk management through one user interface.

“We are excited to partner with FXCM Pro. Under the partnership, FXCM Pro’s clients will benefit from advanced and fast execution without compromising quality or security,” said Alexy Kutsenko, chief executive of Tools for Brokers.

“Combining our experience and expertise will create a strong platform for many brokerages and hedge funds, allowing them to scale faster and more sustainably.”