German liquidity provider opts for Cboe’s SI technology

SSW Trading has implemented Cboe’s Europe’s technology to allow for easier access to its systematic internaliser.

The market making arm of a German-based liquidity provider has opted to use technology from Cboe Global markets across its systematic internaliser (SI) business.

SSW Market Making, a subsidiary of SSW Trading, has used the technology to connect and service its clients with real-time public quoting, network access, bilateral trade matching and real-time trade reporting.

Cboe said its SI connectivity service aims to bring standardisation to the market and allows SIs such as SSW to use its technology to quickly on board clients to a hosted and bilateral environment.

“Utilising Cboe’s SI technology services has enabled our clients to get easy access to our SI service and allows us to scale our SI business in an efficient and standardised process,” said Peter Vorrath, head of business development for SSW.

Mark Hemsley, President of Cboe Europe, also explained that SSW has been an early supporter of the exchange group’s SI technology business.

“Our SI technology solutions enable SIs like SSW to leverage Cboe technology to quickly on board and service clients via a hosted, bilateral matching technology platform,” he said.