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ACTIV Financial

ACTIV Financial

ACTIV Financial is a global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions. Coverage spans more than 200 equity and derivatives exchanges around the world. Clients can receive ACTIV data directly into their trading infrastructure and data can be delivered to the client via connectivity to ActivNet, a private network created to distribute ACTIV’s market data.


ACTIV Financial adheres to a subscription-based


Customers can select market data as a direct
exchange feed or through ACTIV’s proprietary consolidated feed, ActivFeed, or a
mix of both. The ACTIV market data offering covers all global market regions
and asset classes.


Pre- and post-trade risk monitoring via the firm’s
TradeDeck product is available.


ActivNet gives users access to locally aggregated
direct exchange feeds on a global basis, which can be delivered either direct
to the client or through the ActivNet private network. ActivFeed is powered
through installations in ActivNet data centers.

ACTIV’s technology is designed to integrate with customers
and third-party integrated service vendors (ISVs). The firm’s market data model
gives clients a simple way to write to ACTIV’s system without knowledge of the
underlying datasets and without resulting in a footprint increase. Clients have
over 50 ISV partners, enabling them to provide a multitude of different market
data integration services to customers.

Future plans

In September the firm will launch its third generation market data processing unit (MPU) to support its enterprise market data distribution platform. The Gen3 MPU is an advanced FPGA-accelerated ticker appliance that leverages the FPGA for low-latency.