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Bloomberg’s multi-asset class SEF is a complete, integrated solution for market participants complying with Dodd-Frank swap regulations. With all the major dealers providing liquidity on the platform, Bloomberg’s SEF offers deep cross-asset liquidity and transparency for the derivatives market.


Bloomberg’s SEF offers interest rate, credit
default, foreign exchange and commodity swap liquidity via flexible trading
protocols including request-for-quote, request-for-stream and order book

In consultation with
clients and using historical trade data from its trading platforms, Bloomberg’s
made available to trade application proposes that only the most commonly traded
benchmark swaps be exclusively executed on SEFs. The application includes
select US and European interest rate swap contracts between two and 30 years in
duration and two benchmark credit default swap indexes tied to US and European
investment grade corporate debt.


Bloomberg offers equal and open access for all
eligible contract participants.

The more than 300 global firms on Bloomberg’s SEF include
a broad cross-section of buy- and sell-side and corporate investors. The
platform provides a solution for many types of market participants.


As of mid-December, more than US$500 billion in
cross-asset volume has been executed via Bloomberg SEF and over 300
participants have signed its rulebook.

Bloomberg has a history of providing clients with
derivative trading platforms and has multiple APIs for both liquidity takers
and makers.


Bloomberg offers subscribers full connectivity to all the major clearing
houses, as well as valuation services and clearing house margin calculators.

Future plans

Bloomberg will continue to work with global market participants, regulators and customers to help improve market transparency, efficiency and the transition to this new regulatory environment.