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Bloomberg – Bloomberg AIM

Bloomberg – Bloomberg AIM

Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM) offers global, multi-asset solutions for front-end portfolio, trading, and middle- and back-office operations. AIM offers an integrated suite of solutions including: decision support and portfolio management; pre-trade, post-execution, and end-of-day compliance; order management, electronic trading and execution; and post-trade matching, settlement, reconciliation, portfolio accounting, performance measurement, and data aggregation and reporting. The system is offered as an application service provider solution.


Pre-trade analytics determine trade cost and risk
and monitor performance so execution strategies can be adjusted in real time.
Trades can be monitored against indicators in real-time to change strategies
and AIM users can also access Bloomberg’s IOI community, which has more than
2,500 global broker destinations and more than 50 algo suites.


Bloomberg’s AIM system comes pre-configured with
Bloomberg Security Master, corporate actions, market pricing, streaming data,
news, and analytics directly within the platform itself and allows for 10,000
user defined fields so any data from any provider can be uploaded into the


AIM provides real-time global compliance checks
throughout the life cycle of a trade. The system also includes a compliance
rule library with over 500 rule templates and trading and position-based
violations are captured with alerts.

PM tools

AIM provides real-time position management and
portfolio analysis, enabling portfolio managers to measure a portfolio versus a
benchmark. AIM provides traders and risk managers with a view of aggregate risk
metrics and users can analyse portfolios in absolute or relative terms by
variables including sectors, issuers, ratings, duration, security and type.

Future plans

Bloomberg will develop its AIM system with
firm-wide enterprise analytics and risk, custom reporting, and greater order
and execution management functionality.