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Bloomberg Tradebook

Bloomberg Tradebook

Adrian Chua head of Asia sales Email: adrianchua@bloomberg.netTel: +65 6212 1137

Bloomberg Tradebook offers 24/6 global program trading coverage. The firm has staffed each region globally with experienced program trading professionals with an average of 12 years tenure in the space. Bloomberg offers global agency portfolio trading services through its global portfolio trading algorithm, high-touch portfolio trading and direct strategy access options all at one price point.
Bloomberg Tradebook execution consulting offers advice on how to leverage both Bloomberg’s analytics and Tradebook’s functionality within a customer’s portfolio trading process.

Liquidity access

Bloomberg Tradebook classifies orders and channels the execution to the proper venue based on venue liquidity and toxicity rankings. Tradebook maps orders into different strategies based on size, liquidity, and urgency. Order flow interacts with both internal and external liquidity in both lit and hidden venues. Bloomberg Tradebook volumes currently stand 1% of the 40 markets the firm participates in globally.

Client coverage

Bloomberg Tradebook services broker-dealers, hedge funds, traditional asset management firms and pension funds. The company trades strategies ranging from implementation shortfall to highly complex customised strategies based on individual customer preferences.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Bloomberg Tradebook, being a wholly own subsidiary of Bloomberg, the data and analytics specialist, offers fully tailored pre- and posttrade reporting for clients.

Future plans

Bloomberg Tradebook plans in 2012 include incorporating its pre- and post-trade portfolio analytics in the Bloomberg Terminal, expanding the breadth of analytics available on its platform, continuing to expand the number of markets its services are available in, and further expansion of direct strategy access in the portfolio trading space.