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CIMB Execution Services

CIMB Execution Services

CIMB offers a comprehensive pre- and post-trade product and trade scenario analyser, augmented by in-depth decision-level analysis to evaluate all aspects of the chosen trading strategy.

Asset classes and markets

The services focuses on Asian cash equities.

Transaction data

CIMB can provide analysis on any orders for the
last four years.


In addition to
the standard transaction cost analysis (TCA) benchmarks (VWAP, arrival, open,
close, PWP etc.), CIMB offers custom benchmarks designed to best quantify an
individual algorithm’s performance. These include theoretical best/worst price
scales, relaxation metrics and reversion return analysis. The ability to
identify the contribution of individual trading components to overall
performance deviations allows TCA to move from “what happened during trading”
to “why it happened”.

Reporting options

CIMB post-trade reports can be run on demand via
the Client Execution Portal, a web-based tool allowing intraday monitoring of
trading. All calculations are available for both historical and real-time
orders and a downloadable report can be customised to client preferences.
Trading can be analysed at client, portfolio, sector or individual order level,
with the ability to further drill down into specific aspects of order trading.

Consultancy services

TCA is an integrated part of CIMB’s electronic execution product,
playing a vital role in the on-going optimisation of client-specific best

Pre-trade analysis

CIMB’s pre-trade solution is a web-based tool
presenting expected transaction costs by stock, across different trading styles
and strategies to determine optimal performance. The report highlights
portfolio bias, outliers and potential problems by considering spread, market
impact, timing risk, volatility and liquidity.

Future plans

CIMB intends to continue to develop analytics that provide genuine explanation of how individual trading decisions impact overall performance, enabling us to both describe what happened and pinpoint potential areas for trading performance.