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CME Group

CME Group

CME Group offers a European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) delegated reporting service to clearing members and end clients for derivative transactions in all CME Markets (futures & options and OTC cleared) across all required EMIR asset classes: FX, commodities, equity, rates and credit. Where customers wish to take advantage of the Delegated Reporting service, CME Clearing and/or CME CE report transaction, position, valuation and collateral data to CME European Trade Repository (ETR) on behalf of the customer, thereby helping them to discharge their EMIR reporting obligations.


OTC CME INC automatically reports the cleared
transactions to CME Swap Data Repository (SDR). The bilateral clients can
report this trade to CME SDR directly, this is not part of the Delegated
Reporting Agreement and clients will need to be contracted with CME SDR.

Quality assurance

For CME cleared markets its clearing houses are the
holder of the “golden record” for the purpose of recording transactions,
positions, collateral and valuations. Regulators can or may use its
calculations to monitor exposures, initial margin is called and released based
on the clearing house requests and variation margin cash flow is monitored by
the clearing house.

Legal compliance

Flexible technology allows CME to meet the
requirements of clients and all relevant diverse regulatory requirements across
multiple jurisdictions. CME currently operates two clearing houses, CME CE (EU)
and CME Clearing (US) reporting to CME repositories in three major
jurisdictions (Canada, The U.S. and Europe). It will soon launch a reporting
solution in Singapore and Australia.


In accordance with EMIR, CME provides public
aggregate data on its website and also validates submitted transactions against
all applicable regulatory requirements.

Future plans

CME is committed to building services to assist
users’ needs including developing a dashboard to help present client reporting
progress and trends using data tables and graphics.