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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

David Rogers, Head of Asia portfolio sales and trading Email: + 852 2203 6633

Deutsche Bank offers full Asia-Pacific regional market access, dedicated trading capabilities in Japan, Australia/New Zealand and all Asia ex-Japan markets. Global connectivity through the firm’s technological infrastructure serves clients in the Americas and UK/Europe, augmenting client coverage in the Asian timezone. Deutsche Bank operates client-facing hubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney, supported by index/ quant/derivatives research teams, as well as specialist market structure and analytics groups; major client hubs also have dedicated operational client support desks. In Deutsche Bank Program Trading (PT), the firm employs dedicated agency traders who either execute directly into the market, or face off to their regional trading counterparts to manage the execution process from start to finish.

Liquidity access

Outside the primary market, liquidity at DB is achieved through two sources: external, sales trader crossing and internal, existing in-house flow through the firm’s internal order book crossing engine. For the former, PT frequently acts as a driver of flow for Deutsche Bank’s sales trading team. For the latter, mid-tick crossing, featuring anti-gaming logic, is a regular avenue for matching with a variety of sources internally, in which client participation is offered with full optionality.

Client coverage

Deutsche Bank services institutional fund managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, government entities and corporates. The firm executes all types of trade, from the small, cash management-type basket, to the large, transition- or asset allocation-style restructuring.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Deutsche Bank offers a suite of pre- and post-trade analytical services, including Risktool, a single integrated platform for pre-trade analytics, real-time trade monitoring and post-trade reporting, which can include derivative instruments used in a portfolio overlay scenario.

Future plans

As clients develop more esoteric trading requirements around large and/or illiquid transactions, Deutsche Bank is building the option of centralised PT execution into all Asia regional markets, out of a single hub (Hong Kong).