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Direct Edge

Direct Edge

Direct Edge offers a number of a market data services. EdgeBook Depth provides depth of book information for the EDGA and EDGX exchanges. EdgeBook Attributed is an enhancement to the EdgeBook Depth data feed, which supports attributed quotes. EdgeBook Cloud is an on-demand services providing depth-of-book historical trade and quote data and the Edge Ticker Plant is an accelerated market data aggregator.


Direct Edge charges a licensing fee but no user


All data products can be customised to reflect
customer needs.


Edge Ticker Plant, an accelerated market data
aggregator, leverages the Connect EdgeSM network and Exegy ticker plant
technology to integrate more than 20 market data feeds with direct market
access to all major US equity exchanges.


Direct Edge delivers the data through a direct feed from the exchange or extranet provider, or through a third party data distributor. Direct Edge Technical Support team is available as needed to provide guidance regarding the data content and messaging.