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Eze Software Group

Eze Software Group

Eze OMS provides global, multi-strategy, multi-asset trade order management including portfolio modeling and analytics; real-time pre-, intra- and post-trade compliance; trading; operations, and data management.


Real-time trade blotters and asset-specific order
creation/allocation workflows; 500+ multi-asset execution destinations via FIX
including dark pools, ECNs, crossing engines; 750+ multi-asset algos and other
trading strategies from 75+ brokers; mobile access to enter and view active
trades through Eze Mobile for iPad application.


Eze Data Management aggregates, consolidates,
transforms, reconciles, visualises and distributes data including positions,
analytics, regulatory and reference data. Its regulatory filings manager offers
prebuilt templates to automate Form PF, CPO-PQR and AIFMD filings.


Eze offers intraday P&L with strategy tracking;
multi-asset rebalancing, modelling, what-if analysis; real-time, multi-currency
exposure management; full, multi-asset class trade and allocation processing
and real-time integrated pre-, intra-, and post-trade compliance.

Cross-product integrations with RealTick EMS and Tradar
PMS extend key components of each solution across the full suite to streamline
front-to-back office workflow.

PM tools

A configurable, comprehensive dashboard for
modelling and rebalancing, what-if analysis, liquidity and exposure analysis,
pre- and post-trade compliance and event-driven performance analytics is
available for portfolio managers.

Future plans

Upcoming Eze OMS enhancements include Regulatory
Filings Manager; trade entry/order routing compliance checks within RealTick
EMS security and reference data; and transactions API connections with Tradar