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Geographies and asset classes

Flextrade offers
FX, equity options and futures algos across Europe, the US and 


Trading strategies and benchmarks

Demand for
non-equity algos is strongest among buy- and sell-side clients in the US and Canada.
A range of cross-asset and multi-asset algos are offered, including equity algos
that have FX components.

Access and functionality

non-equity algos offer:

One-click trading for single options
or multi-leg strategies. Trade spreads, butterflies, condors, and more at the
click of a button.

Options-specific algos for taking
advantage of volatilities and Greeks.

Developed futures synthetic order
types to replicate and improve upon trader-facilitated contingent orders.

FlexTrade’s algos are developed
taking into account the unique market microstructure of execution venues and

non-equity algos are available via its FlexFX, Flex-OPT, FlexOPT-RM,

and FlexFutures platforms.

routes orders using its own or other brokers’ order routers.


Pre- and post-trade reporting

and post-trade analysis against multiple benchmarks is integrated in 
FlexTrade’s trading solutions.


Future developments

The firm
allows all of its algos to be customised and clients can implement their own enhancements
directly or leverage FlexTrade’s support and development teams.

The firm
continuously refines and improves its algos in response to changing trading