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FlexTrade — FlexTRADER

FlexTrade — FlexTRADER

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EMSX is a multi-asset trading platform, integrating Bloomberg exchange and broker data with global equity, futures and options orders, including options on futures. EMSX supports algorithmic, direct market access, program, cash and dark pool trading. It lets traders send order details to accounting and back office systems and access real time execution reports, facilitating the trade settlement process and post trade analysis.


FlexTrade has a worldwide client base spanning more
than 175 buy- and sell-side firms, including large investment banks, hedge
funds, asset managers, commodity trading advisors and institutional brokers.

Connectivity and functionality

FlexTRADER provides connectivity to 15 exchanges in
Asia handling equities and derivatives as well as broker-dealer dark pools.

Sourcing options

FlexTRADER can be implemented onsite or as a
fully-hosted global ASP solution via data centres in Hong Kong, Tokyo,
Singapore, and Mumbai, as well as Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt and Sao

Pre- and post-trade analytics

FlexTRADER provides portfolio analytics that direct strategies based on historical and real-time information, such as volume profiles, volatility, spread liquidity and market condition. Post-trade analysis is also available.