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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Service overview

Sachs Electronic Trading (GSET) provides access to over 97% of the world’s
equities and derivatives exchanges. The firm offers trading in equities,
futures and options across Asian, Canadian, European, Latin American and United
States markets. It also offers more than 100 currency pairs, tradable on a spot
and forward basis, for global traders interested in foreign exchange. GSET
clients have access to over 90 exchange destinations.

Research and analytics

addition to the research provided by Goldman Sachs Investment Research
division, GSET’s Strats team provides a full-suite of reports, analysis and
insights to assist clients with their trading strategies.


intra- and post-trade analytics play a critical role. The firm’s team of
strategists provides tailored execution consulting and reports to help clients
improve trading results. Additionally, the team regularly publishes
trading-focused pieces, such as the Street Smart and Street Color series, to
shed light on the constantly changing market landscape and how it may affect
clients’ trading decisions.




customisation solutions include tailoring the form’s existing suite of
strategies to meet their specific execution needs or using its order routing
infrastructure to implement customer strategies.


Client support

mission control teams sit alongside electronic sales trading and business development
teams in Bangalore, London and Salt Lake Cit to provide support. The firm’s
investment in technology resources has allowed it to develop a powerful suite
of low-latency trading solutions.


firm supports over 6,000 active users in execution through over 24 order
management system vendors with algorithmic integration. GSET electronic sales
traders provide the execution consulting and trading insights to help clients
achieve best execution. Across all platforms, GSET allows clients to use its smart
router order types to choose algorithmic strategies to access displayed and
non-displayed venues.