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Interactive Data

Interactive Data

The Interactive Data Consolidated Feed provides low-latency data from more than 450 sources worldwide, covering more than 150 exchanges and including multi-asset class instrument coverage, as well as extensive level two and full order book data. It also offers various historical data services and comprehensive global news coverage. It provides the content breadth, performance and market access required to power algorithmic and electronic trading applications.


The Interactive Data Consolidated Feed aggregates
content from over 450 sources in a normalised format supported by Interactive
Data’s distributed ticker plant architecture across the globe. It leverages the
company’s latency optimised infrastructure that also provides direct access to
over 50 co-located markets through more than 20 global hosting locations.


The Consolidated Feed offers a choice of full tick,
conflated and delayed data services through a range of deployed and hosted
solutions. These include bespoke, high capacity customer site deployments over
leased lines; cross-connection access from Interactive Data 7ticks data
centres; virtual private network (VPN) or Internet implementations. The
Consolidated Feed can be integrated either in a wire protocol format or via
APIs available in the C++, Java,

.NET, JSON and XML languages. Interactive Data also offers seamless integration
into Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP) environments via a dedicated
feed handler, as well as with reference data and corporate actions across the
front, middle and back office.

Future plans

Further OTC content enhancements and additional exchange sources.