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Investment Technology Group (ITG)

Investment Technology Group (ITG)

Triton is a customisable EMS that provides direct, broker-neutral access to global markets with integrated tools for pre- and post-trade analysis. The system is available as a global platform or region-specific modules. In the US, the platform includes derivatives functionality; in Asia it is currently focused on equity and equity-based instruments.
Execution functionality includes broker-neutral list and single-stock trading capabilities with direct access to exchanges, ECNs, broker desks, algorithms and ITG’s POSIT Marketplace liquidity aggregation service.
Triton allows traders to create a personalised trading environment using the system’s Plug-in Wizard and Triton Solutions. Whether a client wishes to automate the sending, creating, correcting, or cancelling of orders, create custom fields, automate backoffice reporting, or integrate with other systems, Triton offers the customisation tools and the support to make it happen.
The system supports FIX 4.0 and 4.2. Triton can be quickly installed and integrated with a range of proprietary and third party OMSs.
Triton’s pricing model is commission based with no up-front fee.

Asia-specific features

The Asia-Pacific version of Triton has been built specifically to take into account the market hours, order types and microstructure profiles of the various Asian markets. It has also been developed to manage orders submitted outside of Asian hours from clients in the US and Europe.

Triton is used by ITG’s own trading desks, ensuring continuous feedback on existing and new functionalities to improve the system. The platform has a dedicated support team in Asia, with staff in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The Asia team links in with ITG’s global team, offering 24/6 coverage and training/advisory services to assist clients in improving their execution through the platform.

Connectivity and access

Triton connects to a wide range of execution venues across Asia and globally. The addition of destinations to a Triton system is at the client’s request. ITG says onboarding and certification of destinations for new buy-side clients can be implemented quickly.

Clients can access Triton through an application service provider hosted or web-based solution.

Transaction cost analysis

Triton is fully integrated with ITG’s pre- and post-trade analytics. Along with pre-trade estimates calculated through the firm’s proprietary Logic model, the system also incorporates realtime analytics and alerting functions. End of day reports are instantly available and more detailed trend analyses can be provided through ITG TCA.