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ITG offers global portfolio trading desks staffed by experienced teams supported by trading technology tools which are particularly suited to managing list-based and portfolio trading. This includes the Triton Execution Management System (EMS), which has specific portfolio trading functionality such as advanced alerts and monitoring tools as well as customised algorithms and allows portfolio traders to cover all Asian and global markets from a single platform.


ITG’s electronic and program trading (PT) desks are
separated to ensure anonymity for electronic clients, although PT clients’ flow
can interact with electronic flow via access to ITG’s POSIT Marketplace dark
aggregation algorithm across Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia
and Singapore.


ITG provides transaction cost analytics through the ITG Logic pre-trade
and ITG TCA post-trade tools. For portfolio trades the ITG PT desk runs
detailed pre-trade reports to define the best strategy for trading the basket
across the various markets, and provides daily post-trade reports for a wide
variety of benchmarks


ITG has a single settlement team for the whole of
the Asia-Pacific region and can offer a seamless experience across all markets.
The firm can tailor end-of-day reporting to client requirements.

Future plans

ITG’s POSIT Marketplace dark aggregator and new ITG
Smart Router are both being enhanced to improve liquidity sourcing as
Asia-Pacific’s markets become more fragmented. The firm is continuously
expanding the markets in which it offers dark liquidity. In tandem with its TCA
team, ITG is improving the scope of ongoing performance monitoring and
algorithmic strategies to support the ongoing requests and needs of its