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Markit Portfolio Valuations is an independent post-trade valuation service that offers high-quality market inputs, extensive asset class coverage and customer support. Through its web interface customers can gain transparency into underlying curves, market quotes and volatilities used as valuation inputs, providing a thorough understanding of how Markit’s prices are generated and enabling rapid investigation and resolution of price challenges. Markit uses industry standard models and methodologies, validated against observed markets.

Instruments covered

The services covers a wide range of vanilla and
exotic OTC derivatives across credit, FX, interest rates, equities, commodities
and inflation, as well as structured notes.

Data sources

Markit uses its own multi-contributor datasets,
supplemented with inter-dealer broker quotes and exchange data.


Market data inputs and valuation results are passed
through extensive quality checks and further monitored by valuation analysts
for consistency and unexpected P&L movements.


Markit offers a 24/5 operating model built around
client service, providing global reach and rapid response to queries and price
challenges. It has global valuation teams in New York, London and Singapore.


Future additions include bid/ask valuations;
MarkitSERV integration; valuation comparison tools and an enhanced web