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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Analytics (MSA) includes applications that estimate pre-trade costs and evaluate post-trade costs using multiple benchmarks. MSA is a powerful and flexible tool, which can be accessed directly by the end user (trader, analyst, portfolio manager) and supplemented by a coverage desk to assist and consult in trading strategies and evaluations. It can evaluate equities, futures and exchange-traded funds.

The post-trade analysis tool within MSA accepts a range of trade data. For trades executed with Morgan Stanley, the execution data will be automatically captured with the inclusion of a liquidity map that provides the user with added transparency, detailing the execution venue.


Executed transactions can be evaluated using up to
four user-selected benchmarks, which may include: prior close, open, arrival
price, interval VWAP, full day VWAP, or participation weighted price at
multiple levels. Trading data is organised in multiple categories including:
country, market cap, spread, volatility, liquidity and trading strategy.

Reporting & consultancy

Post-trade reports can be run on a daily, weekly,
or monthly basis, as well as a custom timeframe.

For orders executed with Morgan Stanley detail can be
provided down to the execution level. Formatting changes can be customised to
accommodate customer requests or clients can access their data through a number
of existing templates. Morgan Stanley’s experienced coverage team is available
for trading consultation and review of execution performance.

Pre-trade analysis

The pre-trade tool is intuitive and interactive. It
allows the user to quickly identify the characteristics, risk exposures, and
projected cost outliers of a portfolio or trade program.

Future plans

Morgan Stanley has a dedicated team continually
working to improve its analytic tools, by evolving with market changes and
client needs.