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Rosa WongEmail: sales@neovest.comTel: +800 433 4276 +852 2800 6896

Neovest is a broker-neutral order and execution management system (OEMS). Its flexibility streamlines workflow, providing a low latency solution for stock, options and futures trading. It includes sophisticated tools for single-instruments, pairs, portfolio, and spread trading coupled with broad and innovative pre-, post-, and in-trade analytics.

The Neovest solution is completely hosted by data centres in New York, London and Hong Kong. With Neovest’s cloud-based solution, the client can focus on building its business instead of managing servers, networks, FIX engines and integrations. In partnership with sponsoring brokers, Neovest’s OEMS is offered to qualified buy-side firms at no cost.


Neovest’s embedded OMS functionalities provide
firms with tools to analyse intra-day positions, P&Ls, exposures and
attribution. Compliance officers can administer restricted lists,
easy-to-borrow list, and automate short-locates electronically. Neovest also
provides a flexible API to link internal compliance and OMS’s for pre-trade
compliance checks.


Neovest’s technology is designed with flexibility
at its foundation, allowing users to seamlessly integrate with other systems
and incorporate their unique workflows. Users can customise window styles,
screen layouts, custom order tickets, custom fields and alerts, and construct
idea-generation filters.

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