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Service overview

leveraging expertise and experience in the high frequency trading space, Nomura
aims to offer traditional electronic clients access to superior technology and
infrastructure. Global account coverage is achieved through dedicated local execution
experts in each region (US, Europe and Asia).


Research and analytics

produces researchvia its Market Structure Quarterly newsletter. The firm also
offers TradeSpex Analytics, a web-based tool with full pre-trade, intra-trade and
post-trade analytics. TradeSpex can be accessed directly by clients from their desktop
or used by the coverage team to provide bespoke customizable execution
analysis. Using TradeSpex, Nomura is able to provide third party external broker
TCA analysis.



Nomura aims
to provide a highly customisable product suite where all microparameters of a
trading engine can be dictated by the client, including venue usage, volume
profiles, dark venue selection and interaction, relative limit prices and variable
benchmarks. Nomura also offers client customisation on all levels of the


Client support

A dedicated
level one support team comprising five persons sits alongside the client coverage
and sales team within the electronic business, providing real-time pre-emptive
technology and system support both internally and externally with client
counterparts. Behind this, a level two service team based in India conducts monitoring
and provides a comprehensive support structure allowing the frontline support
to manage real-time concerns more efficiently. Nomura offers a fully integrated
execution and client coverage model where each electronic sales trader is experienced
in providing tailored execution consultancy
services to all clients.