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Portware Enterprise is a global, multi-asset execution management system for single stock, portfolio, index and algorithmic trading. Portware provides access to over 450 trading destinations (broker algorithms, crossing networks, exchanges, ECNs, etc.) from a single trading environment, while the system’s flexibility and open architecture allows users to easily customise Portware Enterprise to meet their specific trading and workflow integration requirements.


Portware supports FIX version 5.0. As a fully independent trading systems provider, Portware provides integrated access to hundreds of algorithms from brokers and broker dealers globally.

In addition, Portware has a library of pre-packaged strategies, including Pairs, VWAP, TWAP, Inline, Pegger, ETF Arb, ADR Arb, %Volume, etc. All of these algorithms can be customised by users.

Market data

Portware has integrated with all commercial market data vendors, including Reuters, Bloomberg, TAL/RealTick, Comstock, Tenfore, Activ, Wombat/NYSE Technologies, etc. Portware can also integrate with all proprietary data feeds.

Routing and trading venues

Portware Enterprise connects to the following venues: Credit Suisse CrossFinder, Goldman Sachs Sigma X, BNP BIX, Citi’s CitiMatch, UBS PIN, ITG POSIT, Liquidnet, BlocSec and Instinet KoreaCross.

Portware also includes smart routing algorithms.